Apr 10 2019

Fleet and Asset Management Software

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Fleet and Asset Management Software, REMMONT.COM

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Fleet Asset Management Software

Fusing ease of use with comprehensive functionality, Collective Data’s fleet and asset management software is designed to improve productivity in fleet operations and make data management easy. The software is uniquely flexible and configurable, scalable to meet changing needs over time, and integrates with other systems such as fuel and gps.

collectiveFleet is an intuitive, easy-to-use fleet maintenance software system designed to improve productivity and provide insight into the entire fleet operation.

Manage comprehensive vehicle and equipment data, maintenance scheduling, work orders, repair histories, inspections, replacement budgeting, parts inventory, vendors, warranties, purchase orders, employees, and more.

collectiveGov is a government-focused asset management system that seamlessly brings together all of your asset, maintenance, inspection, employee, and inventory information into one system.

Make your job easier, save money, and gain incredible insight into your operation.

Tailored to the needs of law enforcement, collectiveQuartermaster is a supply and inventory management system that will help your department efficiently manage uniforms, radios, cameras, facilities, etc.

Get more detailed reporting on personnel equipment assignments, costs, and more.

A variety of modules are available to meet varying needs among fleet operations such as fuel imports, motor pool management, and more. They can be purchased and added to system at any time.

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