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Brief History of Lynn, saugus iron works.

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Brief History of Lynn, saugus iron works., NEF2.COM

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saugus iron works

Saugus iron works

Saugus iron works

    • City Hall Info
    • Mayor’s Office
    • Lynn City Council
    • State and Federal
    • City Departments
      • Animal Control
      • Assessor
      • Building Department
      • City Clerk
      • Clerk Meetings Page
      • Chief of Elections
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Collector of Taxes
      • Community Dev.
      • Comptroller
      • Council On Aging
      • EDIC
      • Emergency Manag.
      • Fire Department
      • Harbormaster
      • Housing Authority
      • Health Department
      • Information Technology
      • Inspectional Services
      • Law Department
      • Public Library
      • Parking Department
      • Parks and Recreation
      • Park Programs
      • Personnel Department
      • Police Department
      • Pine Grove Cemetery
      • Public Works
      • Purchasing
      • School Department
      • Trash and Recycling
      • Treasurer
      • Veterans Services
      • Water and Sewer
    • Boards|Committees
      • Board of Appeals
      • Citizens Advisory
      • Computer Advisory
      • Community Television
      • Conservation
      • Council On Aging
      • Cultural Council
      • Disability Commission
      • EDIC Board
      • Election Commission
      • Emergency Planning
      • GAR Trustees
      • Historical
      • Human Rights
      • Licensing Commission
      • Lynn Housing Authority
      • Municipal Finance
      • Off Street Parking
      • Park Commission
      • Pine Grove Cemetery
      • Planning Board
      • Public Arts Commission
      • Public Health
      • Public Library Trustees
      • Residency Commission
      • Retirement Board
      • Stadium Commission
      • Traffic Commission
      • Water and Sewer
    • Employee Resources
    • EVENTS
    • Calendar
    • Online Payment
    • City of Lynn Maps
    • Contact City Hall
    • Contactenos
    • Contact Clerk’s Office
    • Contact DPW
    • Contact IS Sidewalks
    • Website Map
    • Website Home
    • Arts/Entertainment
      • Lynn Auditorium
      • High Rock Tower
      • GAR Museum
      • Lynn Museum
      • Fireworks Celebration
      • Red Rock Concerts
    • Outdoor Recreation
      • Barkland Dog Park
      • Parks and Playgrounds
      • Park Programs
      • Lynn Shore Drive
      • Lynn & Nahant Beach Reservation
      • Seaport Marina
      • Lynn Woods
      • Fireworks Celebration
    • Sports
      • Gannon Golf Course
      • Fraser Field
      • Manning Field
    • Fireworks Celebration
    • Virtual Tours of Lynn
    • Business Listings
    • List Your Business
    • Community Development
    • EDIC Lynn
    • Housing Authority
    • Chamber of Comm.
    • Our Service Guide
    • Arts and Education
      • Building Bridges
      • CAE Project
      • Community College
      • Junior Achievement
      • Lydia Pinkham Studios
      • Lynn Comm. TV
      • Lynn Museum
      • Lynn Photo Assoc.
      • Lynn Public Schools
      • Lynn Public Library
      • NS Clay Studio
      • NS Ed Consortium
      • Operation Bootstrap
      • RAW Art Works
    • Community Groups
      • Bosnian Resources
      • Boys and Girls Clubs
      • Boy Scouts
      • The Food Project, Inc.
      • Highland Coalition
      • Girls Inc.
      • Girl Scouts
      • Gordon College in Lynn
      • Business Ed. Foun.
      • Lynn Churches
      • Lynn Comm. Assoc.
      • Lynn MBTA
      • Lynn Senior Services
      • Lynn YMCA
      • New American Services
    • Recreational Groups
      • Flax Pond Assoc.
      • Friends of Lynn Woods
      • Fr. Lynn-Nahant Beach
      • Goldfish Pond Assoc.
      • Kites Over N.E.
      • Sluice Pond Assoc.
    • Social Services
      • All Care Hospice
      • Bridgewell
      • Catholic Charities Lynn
      • Children’s Law Center
      • Community Health Ctr.
      • Family/Children’s Svc.
      • Food Stamps Info
      • Horizons For Children
      • Neighborhood Legal Services
      • Lynn Economic Opportunity, Inc.
      • Lynn Shelter Assoc.
      • My Turn Inc.
      • Time Exchange NS
      • My Brother’s Table
      • NS Rape Crisis Center
      • PACE
      • Project Cope
      • Project Bread
      • Refugee Assist Center
      • Salvation Army
      • Social Captial
      • Small Smiles Dental
      • Union Hospital
      • Youth Works
    • Sports
      • Greater Lynn Babe Ruth
      • Lynn Youth Hockey
      • Lynn Youth Lacrosse
      • Lynn Youth Soccer
      • Lynn YMCA
      • Lynn Legion Baseball
      • Lynn Shore Little League
      • East Lynn Little League
      • East Lynn Pop Warner
      • Pine Hill Little League
      • West Lynn Little League
      • West Lynn Pop Warner
      • Wyoma Little League
    • City of Lynn Maps
    • Lynn Facts Figures
    • A Brief History of Lynn
    • Mary Baker Eddy
    • Virtual Tours of Lynn
    • Shoemaking History
    • Sports History
    • Community News

Saugus iron worksSaugus iron worksSaugus iron worksSaugus iron worksSaugus iron works

Saugus iron works

Nearly 350 years ago, some settlers from nearby Salem wanted to find a less crowded area with greener pastures. They bargained with the Indians for some land known as Saugus, the place where the local Indian chiefs, the Sagamores, lived. This land originally included what are now the separate towns of Swampscott, Nahant, Saugus and Lynnfield. In 1630, that land was incorporated as the Town of Saugus, one year after it was founded.

In 1629 the first Tannery in the US began operations in Lynn.

Lynn Astronomer Maria Mitchell was the first woman inducted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Lydia Pinkham, a Lynn resident, was the first woman to use her image to sell a product. The Lydia Pinkham Vegetable Compound.

The first Electric Trolley in the state ran from Lynn in 1888

On May 30, 1912, the first Airmail Delivery in New England flew from Saugus to Lynn

The first Jet Airplane Engine in the U.S. was built at Lynn s General Electric plant in 1942.

Today, Lynn with a population of 89,050 continues to thrive and flourish as a community of hard-working people.

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