Apr 8 2019

Term Life Insurance Quotes provided by top rated agents, Rates, Top Companies in America

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Term Life Insurance Quotes provided by top rated agents, Rates, Top Companies in America, NEF6.COM

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Because our future is not always as certain as your responsibilities, we offer you 40 years of professional experience for your insurance needs. We maintain a consistently high placement ratio. We also complete the application for you! Receive professional assistance in making an informed buying decision free of charge.

term life insurance you can afford, and we’re not pushy!

Term Life America
More companies equals the best opportunity to obtain the lowest price for your term life insurance!

Offering the Lar gestSelection of Top-Rated Companies Instantly! Why is this important?
Personalized Tele-Application for All Companies, Right Over the Phone!
For the serious shopper who would like a seasoned professional to assist them-
how term life insurance works , return of premium term life insurance ,
no exam term life insurance and what is term life insurance will be explained on this page.

Compare Top 40 Rated Companies
You’ve Got The Advantage, All Of The Comparisons, All Of The Time!

Many sites often do not sell policies at all. Instead they sell your information to one or many local agents. You will never know if you got the best price for your rate class.

“Make No Mistake”
We offer more companies to insure the best rates possible.

There is never a credit card or voided check required unless you are applying for no-exam insurance.

You never have to pay for your para-medical exam.

Recognize The Difference
Valid sites should display the broker’s name and a listing of the states, the broker is legally licensed and appointed to conduct business in.

We Follow A Strict Ethics Code
Take advantage of instant quotes. A ten day right of refusal always applies.

Explore The Best Rates!
Spreadsheet all of our top companies’ rates now!

Have Medical Conditions?

Heart disease
Even having a family history of heart disease will cause you to pay a higher premium.

Applicants with childhood type I diabetes will pay higher rates. They will have some trouble finding a company that will insure them. Adult-onset diabetes that is managed by medication or diet, obtain lower rates.

The type of cancer, the severity and treatment received affect your premiums .

Because other health conditions follow obesity, insurers take your weight into consideration.

Have an Impaired Risk?
Do You Participate In A Hazardous Hobby? Declined. Just complete our simple Questionnaire! or Ask The Doc

How It Works
All policies have four compon ent s.
The insuring company. The policy owner. The insured individual. The beneficiary. The company, by contract, pays a death benefit to the policy’s beneficiary upon the death of the insured if the policy is in-force at time of death.

Coverage can be obtained for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Return of premium or no exam policy types, and comparisons are made available by over 40 top rated companies.

Your Buying Experience. We Make It as Easy as 1,2,3:

1) Understanding Your Needs!
Find specific solutions for your cash needs and financial responsibilities. Establish an estate. Explore the buyer’s guide. and use our needs calculator to determine your needs for yourself, family, or business. Term or permanent, which one should I buy? Look at our decision chart to help make a decision.

2) Find Out How Much It Will Cost! Premiums vary greatly between underwriting classes. Applicants should always consider and be willing to accept several rate class possibilities. Underwriters will always place an applicant in the best possible rate class given their informational findings.

3) Applying Made Easy!
Quick Quote Technology allows you to
choose your desired company and insurance plan. Then you can complete our short online application request.

Why The Need For Life Insurance

Funeral Costs
Child Raising
Mortgage Payments
Credit Card Payments
Car and Other Loans
College Expenses
Medical Costs Incurred
Death Taxes

Planning to meet the financial needs of your survivors is one of the most important and fundamental steps in creating a sound financial plan for you and your family.

This step may require the purchase of a life insurance policy to ensure that your family’s needs will continue to be met.

An untimely death will cut off your earnings potential.

Most important it is a unilateral contract. Unilateral contracts allow only one person to make a promise or agreement. An insurance contract is a unilateral contract because only the insurer has made a promise of future performance and only the insurer can be charged with breach of contract.

Please take a few minutes to learn about why you need life insurance. We look forward to working with you.

What It Is
Contractual provisions form the policy contract. The content below is general and may differ by company and/or by policy filing.

owner and beneficiary, assignment, misstatement, suicide, incontestability, payment of proceeds,�amount of the death proceeds, and nonparticipating.

PREMIUM POLICY PROVISIONS defines procedures for payments, refund of premium, grace period, reinstatement, and change of premium.

NON-FORFEITURE POLICY PROVISIONS �elected by written notice during the Insured’s lifetime. Includes: policy surrender, paid-up insurance, extended term insurance, automatic option and basis of values.

POLICY LOANS POLICY PROVISIONS �conditions for a cash loan, automatic premium loan option, deferral, interest and replacement.

ENDORSEMENT �allow owners to modify standard forms by attaching endorsements preapproved by counsel. �

SETTLEMENT PAYMENT OPTIONS POLICY PROVISIONS �describe Income, Income With Period Certain, Joint Income, Payments for a Fixed Period, and Proceeds At Interest.

GENERAL CONTRACTUAL POLICY DEFINITIONS �defines the terms used in the contractual policy provisions.

We have a highly trained and licensed professional staff. We specialize in all aspects of this discipline. Included are, Term, Universal, and Permanent Policies, as well as Final Expense. We guide our clients on issues involving Personal Family Protection, Estate Planning and Estate Conservation, Business Planning to include, Buy Sell Agreements, Deferred Compensation, and Executive Compensation. We offer spreadsheets from Top Rated Companies. We help you decide what type of policy is best for your goals and objectives. Companies offer 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year policies that can include a return of premium plan options. Some plans offer no exam underwriting for your convenience. We provide consumers with helpful information, find the right life companies, and gives them the opportunity to receive free instant quotes.

The content contained on this insurance website is for informational purposes only. It is intended for consumers who are shopping and wanting to learn more. We do not endorse any particular carriers. We work for you and simply provide factual insurance information. We let you decide if you want to speak with a professional agent to help with your needs. Premium rates displayed on this website are for informational purposes only. Actual rates are based on many factors one of which is the applicants health.

Tale Of Two Agents

An agent working exclusively for a single firm. He or she is obliged to submit business only to that firm, or at least give that firm first rights of refusal on the case.

Captive agents that are non-established are usually paid on a combination of salary and commissions earned from selling the policy contract. Also, the firm usually provides its captive agents with an allowance for office expenses as well as employee benefits such as pensions, life insurance, and health insurance.

The established captive agent is usually paid exclusively on a commission basis. This type of agent will tend to have more in-depth knowledge of that firm s policies, however, he or she will hardly ever be equipped to offer the industries best price on any particular product offering.

Independent Agent Broker

Simply said, independent agents are appointed to sell policies from many insurers. The agent is independent from all insurers thus, the independent agent s responsibility is solely focused on evaluating the client s needs and the pricing of the product chosen.

While searching for the brokerage market s best place for a client s business, independent agents pay all their own expenses and keep their own records and earn their income from brokerage commissions on the policies they sell.

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