Dec 18 2017

Car Prices Philippines #auto #transport

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Car Prices Philippines

I keep a stack of notes and papers next to my computer for background material on future articles.  I just noticed a leaflet someone stuck in my hand at the mall the other day for a Hyundai that I sat in recently (big enough for 4 Americans, not much else impressive about it that I could see).

But they did have the full price list and payment plans on the flier.  One thing you will find completely different here in the Philippines than in the US is, in general, there s one price for a certain model car and that s it. MSRP lists are readily available in fact here s a useful site with the price list for nearly all the cars sold here in the Philippines currently:

The other thing that s probably pretty strange to most Americans is, there are virtually no zero down deals, no cash backs, no zero interest specials etc. You can figure 15% to 35% down and while you can find loans up to 60 months (five years) hold on to your socks when you figure out what the total interest you will be paying on such a loan is most car loans are 12% annual interest and higher and that s just about the size of things.

The best way to buy a car here is enter into a program that hasn t been seen in the US for years ride public transpo and save your money in a bank until you have enough for Dave s recommended everything down and nothing per month plan.

I know, I know, that sounds almost un-American well you aren t in Kansas anymore when you get here, Toto, that s for sure.

Driving is fun here in the Philippines. buying a car is even funner .

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